Angry Birds Fly Into Space


The Angry Birds are entering the final frontier.

The Angry Birds will soon come one step closer to being literally everywhere as they blast off into space in March. The upcoming, creatively named Angry Birds Space will be the fourth entry in the franchise, following Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons, and according to Rovio it will also be the biggest launch since the original. The new game will be released to “mobile gaming, retail, and animation channels” simultaneously, and NASA and National Geographic are on board as launch partners.

“We think fans are really going to love it because we’ve already gotten amazing feedback on the physics of our games,” Rovio North America General Manager Andrew Stalbow told Yahoo! Games. “They’re so accurate and easy to grasp that some teachers use Angry Birds in their lessons about projectile motion.”

As you might expect from a space-based Angry Birds, this time you’ll be flinging avian creatures around in a zero-gravity environment, which will allow for things like slow-motion puzzles and “lightspeed destruction.” The familiar three-star rating system will return, and the old, familiar flock will be joined by some new faces.

Angry Birds is one of the most lucrative game franchises on the planet, having been downloaded more than 700 million times in various forms across the iOS and Android operating systems. The birds have appeared in television shows and commercials, have turned up in stuffed animal form and were even used in a promotional tie-in with the Fox animated film Rio. A version of the game also recently appeared on Facebook.

Angry Birds Space launches on March 22.

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