Angry Birds Gets Medieval On Your Apps


Angry Birds is heading in a distinctly “epic” direction with a new… something.

Art thou prepared for an epic quest of swords, sorcery, and aggressive avians? It seems Angry Birds developer Rovio is working on a mysterious new addition to their mobile games line-up. Having thoroughly explored the sci-fi setting with Angry Birds Star Wars, the series looks to be heading in the opposite direction with a classic fantasy game.

This new project is still esoteric for now, with precious few details to go off of besides the above teaser trailer. Rovio did publish a video at the dawn of the new year, mentioning that the Angry Birds might learn some new tricks in 2014, and this could be what the studio was foreshadowing. That video included graffiti of the birds in a high fantasy setting, complete with a knight, archer, and wizard.

Rovio is keeping quiet, saying only to “wait and see.” Today’s teaser video is titled “The next epic Angry Birds game…” and comes with a suitably vague description. “Perhaps the most Epic soft launch ever – whatever that means!? Starting in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Other countries to follow!”

If you’re in one of those locations, keep an eye out for news from Rovio; it will be interesting to see where the studio is going with this. There are plenty of “destroy the castle” physics games that use the medieval theme, and Angry Birds drew heavily from their gameplay when it made its debut. I guess we’ll have to “wait and see” what new twists Rovio has in store for the setting.

Source: Rovio, via Pocket Gamer

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