Reminiscent of Nintendo’s kart racer Mario Kart, Rovio’s Angry Birds speed downhill in a 3D racer game with special powers.

Angry Birds developer Rovio is developing a kart racer called Angry Birds Go!, and the free app comes out on Dec. 11. In the announcement today, Rovio released a gameplay trailer that showed the familiar Angry Birds characters taking off on their carts via slingshot in a race to the finish at the bottom of a hill. The 3D kart racer looks a lot like Nintendo’s Mario Kart series from the style of the game.

Angry Birds Go! has a kart upgrade system and special powers for each character. As expected, the special powers are aggressive and pave the way for advancing past other racers. Gameplay showed portions of mid-air racing and lots of coins to collect. Karts bounce around on the field when bumped into or landing roughly on the ground and racers spin around when struck by a special lightning attack.

Angry Birds Go! will work with TELEPODS, figures that you place on the device’s camera. By doing so, the kart on the telepod is sent to the game for you to use.

Rovio first introduced Angry Birds Go!, the company said it had been trying out different gaming concepts, stretching out from classic Angry Birds. The company tried out endless runner games, but settled on a kart racer.

“The moment the kart fell apart in front of our eyes, we just knew it felt right,” Kalle Kaivola, development director at Rovio, said at the end of August in a Rovio video.

Source: YouTube

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