If Legend of Zelda were filled with teen angst, this is what you’d get.

This trailer isn’t actually from a Legend of Zelda movie released in the 1980s, but it’s what a one would be like were one to exist. If Legend of Zelda was a teen drama, that is.

From the creators of Inglourious Plummers and the God of War: Indie Movie comes The Legend of Zelda (1987). In the movie, Link is that not too cool, not too nerdy kid that aspires to go out with Princess Zelda, the queen of school. Ganon is the school principal, who of course has a grudge with Link, while Midna is that oddball girl you always wonder about. It’s interesting how well Zelda‘s characters fit these archetypes.

If the trailer seems familiar, you must have watched The Breakfast Club recently. It takes scenes from classic ’80s movies and alters them with a Zelda theme. You can watch a comparison below.

Perfect use of Tears for Fears.

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