Animal Crossing is easily Nintendo’s most sinister series, and with its protagonist joining the next Super Smash Bros. title, it’s only fitting that he receive an appropriately foreboding trailer.

It’s rare that I opt to report on any fan-made efforts as, to be perfectly honest with you all, they’re generally not very good. “Terrible” is a word one could use, if one were cool with making others cry. Normally that’s the direction I’d go, but this Super Smash Bros. trailer crafted by YouTube user “SUPERMARIOGALAXY13” just works so very, very well so I’m in a weirdly positive mood.

On the other hand, who first got the idea that everything in the bright, sunny world of Animal Crossing has a terrible dark side? Yes, Tom Nook wants your precious bells, but the dude doesn’t even charge any interest on your home loan! In the real world that would make him a saint, except that even saints are rarely that generous. If anything he’s a rich, eccentric type with a terminal condition, but there’s nothing all that sinister in that.

Likewise, the Villager is a happy go lucky kid with dreams of catching fish and gathering peaches that look suspiciously like butts. There’s no reason to suspect he harbors a cold, calculating side that goes all Patrick Bateman on the other villagers while your 3DS is in sleep mode. Don’t get me wrong: I love the concept, and desperately wish I’d fire my system up one day to find him spattered in blood and hastily burying Phyllis behind the Mayor’s Office, but that’s just wishful thinking. Worryingly grim wishful thinking.

We’re all horrible for enjoying this clip.

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)

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