Animated Characters Alter Famous Logos In Bruce Yan’s “Brand New” Art


Bruce Yan’s “Brand New” art show last weekend inserted animated characters from Studio Ghibli, Disney, Regular Show, and Astro Boy into logos we all recognize.

Bruce Yan opened his art show at Los Angeles’ Gallery 1988 last weekend. His solo show, “Brand New” put a twist on iconic brands and logos by transforming them with well-known animated characters.

Astro Boy‘s titular character transforms Bob’s Big Boy as Astro Boy holds a hamburger in the air. The piece, titled “Astro Big Boy Burgers” was laser-cut, assembled, and painted on a 13 in. by 24 in. board.

Done in a similar fashion is the redesign of the Girl Scouts logo, titled “Ghibli Scouts,” and depicts characters from Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke. All three women, San, Toki, and Eboshi, are formidable women and aptly chosen for Girl Scouts. Also from Ghibli is a redesign of Hawaiian Airlines to feature Kiki and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service, as well as a My Neighbor Totoro redesign of Morton Salt. In addition, the deer in the John Deere logo has been replaced by Princess Mononoke‘s forest spirit, Shishigami, who resembles a stag.

Elsewhere Yan inserted Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid into the Starbucks logo, which uses depicts a mermaid with long flowing hair in the first place. Instead of a crown atop her head, Yan’s redesign includes the crab Sebastian. Mordecai, the blue jay from Regular Show, finds his way in the Toronto Blue Jays’ logo, and Bugs Bunny’s face alters the Playboy bunny logo a tad.

The remaining art from Yan’s show is on sale, much of which is sold out.

Source: Gallery 1988 via Cartoon Brew

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