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Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist 10: Journey to Ishbal


Fullmetal Alchemist 10: Journey to Ishbal

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imageWhile the cover of disc 10, Journey to Ishbal, has a picture of Lt.Hawkeye, the DVD focuses very little on her. It is split between four other characters, Mustang, Al, Marty and Scar. The DVD starts off with a light break from all the drama, but quickly picks the pace back up as it tells the stories of Ishbal and the characters’ pasts. The action is low in this DVD compared to the others, but it’s full of delicious plot points and twists, including who the seventh sin is.

Episode 37, The Flame Alchemist, The bachelor Lieutenant, and the mystery of Warehouse 13, is the light hearted calm before the storm of the series. It focuses on several fun little side plots: a haunted warehouse, the mystery of buried bones and the quest to find Havoc a girlfriend make for a fun silly thirty minutes. However, there are hints at the sadness of the characters and an important plot point at the end.

imageIn Episode 38, With the Rivers Flow, Winry and Sciezka team up and dig deeper into the deception of the military and the mystery of Hughes death. Meanwhile, Ed and Al have a spat about what to do next and whether they should hunt down Scar in Ishbal or go after the Hummonculi. After they temporarily split ways, Al is reacquainted with an old friend and faced with some hard cruel facts of hate and vengeance.

Colonel Mustang is faced with some unpleasant news as the Crimson Alchemist joins the team in episode 39, The Secret of Ishbal. Marty, Al and Ed finally reach the ruins of Ishbal and Marty tells the boys of her life before Laboratory 5. But they are interrupted as the boys of the military pick them up. Once at base, Ed makes a dangerous deal and goes to investigate the city of Liore once more.

imageIn Episode 40, The Scar, Ed reached Liore and finally locates Scar, but their fight is interrupted as Lust and Gluttony join the reunion. Scar tells Ed part of his past at Rose’s request, and deep ties are revealed between Scar’s brother and Lust’s human form. But deeper secrets of Ishbal and Scar’s arm are explained, and his cunning plan to create the Stone is unveiled. Back at the local headquarters, things take a more serious turn as the Fuher arrives.

Entertainment: 9
This DVD carries on in true FMA fashion but I didn’t need a filler episode of silliness to lighten the mood.

Technical: 10
I enjoyed the DVD extras and particular liked the booklet that came in the DVD box itself. Sound and visual as always were a thumbs up.

Overall: 9

DVD Features: Episode 37 The Flame Alchemist, The bachelor Lieutenant, and the mystery of Warehouse 13, Episode 38 With the Rivers Flow, Episode 39The Secret of Ishbal, In Episode 40 The Scar.

DVD Extras: textless songs, production art, image gallery, character profiles, trailers, text tan Alchemy booklet.

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