The Escapist is pleased to present the winners of our 2nd Annual Film Festival! This year we had so many excellent videos, we had to award two First Prizes.

Here’s a list of our prize winners:

First Place (tie):

Timtimfed – “Arcadocaplypse”

GrahamS – “Unskippable: Lost Planet”

Third Place

Dxanex – “Chris Reynolds Variety Hour: Angels and Demons”

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Click here for the complete list of all entries.

Stay tuned to The Escapist for the premiere of two new series created by our First Prize winners.

Also, be sure to watch The Escapist Show to see the full versions of these Honorable Mention winners:

InventiveHero – “A World of Her PWN”

Yatta Cloud – “Experience Points”

Thegreatbriggs – “Glass Eye”

AltF4 – “AltF4”

Brian Name – “Coffin Fodder”

dssturn – “The Line”

nilcypher – “Sepia Gamer”

Skyedrone – “The House”

baggyn – “Spaceman”

KarmicToast – “Before You Press Start”

Fairfaxx – “Wanted Spoiled”

Thanks to all of our entrants for making this year’s Film Festival the best on the internet. And thanks to all of our community for encouraging this event, and our winners.

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