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Another Crab’s Treasure Is a Hermit Crab Soulslike Where You Use Trash to Survive

Aptly named developer Aggro Crab announced Another’s Crab’s Treasure at the May 2022 Indie World Showcase, a Soulslike where players take on the role of a hermit crab named Kril who is trying to claw his way through an ocean of enemies. Although titles like Dark Souls and Elden Ring inspired the game’s moment-to-moment gameplay, Another Crab’s Treasure also features 3D platforming elements as well. The Another Crab’s Treasure reveal trailer offers enough hermit crab gameplay to tide you over until more information drifts in about its release on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023.

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Kril can use the litter of the sea for protection against the ocean life that stands in his way. That includes smaller foes that lurk in the shadows and giant enemy crab bosses. Kril will become more powerful by learning Umami Techniques from various characters. The team at Aggro Crab took care when creating Another Crab’s Treasure’s world, which includes locations like sand castle cities and deep-sea trenches, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have fun.

“I’ve had this game idea about a hermit crab that wears trash as a shell for like six years and nobody would let me do it,” Aggro Crab art director Nick Kaman said. “They would say things like ‘We don’t have the budget’ or ‘You literally just drew a picture of a crab on a paper towel.’ That’s when Kowloon Nights came in with a fat stack of cash and bankrolled this dumb game about crabs eating garbage and fighting other crabs during the end of the world. Now Another Crab’s Treasure is real and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I love this game.”

Another Crab’s Treasure is the second title from Aggro Crab, following Going Under.

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