Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Multiple account users beware.

Konami has alerted players of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PlayStation 4 to a bug which could result in the loss of their save file. A message from the company (published in a photo obtained by GameSpot) states that there are cases where playing The Phantom Pain with multiple Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) accounts on a single PS4 console can result in an error message which reads, “This save data cannot be used, as the relevant downloadable content was not found” when attempting to load, at which point it is impossible to proceed with the saved game.

Along with conveying sincere apologies and making assurances that steps are being made to remedy the issue, the publisher is encouraging users to limit their play of MGS V to just one SEN account per PlayStation 4 console until a decision has been made on how to proceed.

This is the second issue related to broken save files players have run into with the new Metal Gear Solid. A bug discovered the week after launch caused problems for players on all platforms when using the character Quiet as a buddy on specific missions resulted in corrupted save data.

Source: GameSpot

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