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Antonio Banderas Joins the Cast of the Uncharted Movie

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Uncharted looks like it’s finally charting a way to becoming a real movie. The film has had Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg signed on to star for a while, but now that Ruben Fleischer has officially signed on to direct the film, things seem like they are trending in a positive direction. Now extended casting is being announced for the movie — a step further than any attempt to get it off the ground has ever gotten — and recent Oscar nominee Antonio Banderas is joining.

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Joining the actor, obviously best known as the voice of the Nasonex bee, are Sophia Ali (Truth or Dare) actor Tati Gabrielle (The 100). There’s no official word on what role any of them will be playing, but considering the two protagonists are already cast and that Nathan Drake’s adventures often send him on quests involving Spanish treasure and South American countries, it’s easy to assume that Banderas has been cast to play the villain in the film.

The Uncharted movie has been in the works at Sony for more than a decade with different iterations coming and going as the studio struggled to get what seems like a sure thing going. This iteration of the film functions as a prequel of sorts to the games, focusing on the childhood of Nathan Drake with Holland taking the role on and Wahlberg playing a younger Sully. Think of the flashback in Uncharted 3 and you’ll get the idea.

After many delaysUncharted is scheduled to release on March 5, 2021.

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