APB‘s New Owners Want a Scotland Office


The folks who bought APB are looking to establish a European HQ in Scotland, though they’re considering Germany, too.

Now that free-to-play MMO publisher GamersFirst has bought up the rights to APB, the company is looking to open a European headquarters. Unsurprisingly, a location in the U.K. is on the short list of locations that GamersFirst is considering, and it sounds like this would be the group’s top choice. recently talked to the company’s CCO and CTO Bjorn Book-Larsson, who talked about where he’d like to establish a permanent HQ. According to Book-Larsson, “Basically, the one thing we don’t have at the moment is a European office, which is something we’ve been looking at.

“We have looked at Hamburg in Germany, but what we’re looking at now potentially is … Well, Scotland would certainly be a fine place to have a permanent office. We’d consider that for sure.”

From the sound of things, Scotland might be an ideal location anyway, since Book-Larsson also revealed that GamersFirst stated he’s interested in employing/contracting former RealTime Worlds staff who worked on APB. Although he acknowledged that a lot of these developers have since begun working for other groups, he did state, “We are open to talking to everyone who was associated with the original game.”

The full interview covers a number of different aspects about the relaunch of APB (under the title APB: Reloaded) and what GamersFirst has had to deal with in adapting what was a retail game into a free-to-play model.


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