Apple doesn’t want to say why it bought the Israel-based company PrimeSense.

Apple has bought PrimeSense, the company that makes motion control sensor tech for Xbox’s Kinect, at an undisclosed price. Estimates vary, from $300 to $360 million, but Apple isn’t about to confirm any figure, nor will it talk about its purchase. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” said an Apple spokesperson.

It’s always possible Apple wants in on the Xbox One, if it thinks that Microsoft will win the war to control the living room. But it seems more likely that it bought PrimeSense to develop its own motion devices, or even include it in an Apple TV. New features for the iPad or iPhone are also a possibility, though it would require some modification. For example, PrimeSense technology is part of a successful recent Kickstarted device called the Structure, a miniature 3D scanner meant to be attached to an iPad.

“Usage of gesture-based, touch-less control of devices is one of the big mega trends in the industry right now,” said consultant Nitin Bhat of Frost & Sullivan. “From Apple’s perspective it looks like an attempt to make its current gadgets a lot more attractive by offering such a feature on them.”

Source: BBC

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