Want to know if your spouse is cheating on you? There’s an app for that.

As soon as it was announced, pre-orders for the iPhone 4S were nothing short of insane; shoppers managed to snatch up the entire supply of the phones for every carrier that sells the phone. However, one man is over the moon about the phone for a totally different reason: The iPhone 4S helped him catch his wife.

According to user “ThomasMetz” on the MacRumors forums, he was suspicious about how happy his marriage really was. Basically, he wasn’t entirely positive his wife was staying faithful. So, when he bought her an iPhone 4S, he installed the Find My Friends app on her phone without her knowledge. You can see where this is going.

According to ThomasMetz:

“I got my wife a new 4S and loaded up find my friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village. I’ve had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there.”

After confirming that his wife had lied to him about her location, he snagged the included screenshots and mentioned that he and his lady wouldn’t be a couple for much longer:

“Thank you Apple, thank you App Store, thank you all. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots going to play well when I meet her a$$ at the lawyer’s office in a few weeks.”

Supposedly, the man’s wife doesn’t know that her husband knows about her infidelity. Honestly, I’m not sure who’s more in the wrong here, since both parties violated each other’s trust. I can almost guarantee that ThomasMetz’s wife won’t let anyone touch her phone from now on, though.

Source: cnet

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