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Atari has announced that Champions Online is set for a June launch, and the Beta Preview is now accepting new heroes. Excelsior!

Superhero games have always been a draw for me, and I admit to playing City of Heroes for a lot longer than is healthy – possibly touching the 1000 hour mark – so when Cryptic, the originators of the “City of…” franchise, announced a superhero game based on the PnP Champions game, a rare smile that came to my face.

Now the waiting is into the final stage with the launch of the beta applications, and there will be a skulled spacesuit in there, oh yes.

The similarities to the “City of” games are immediately apparent, but that’s not a bad thing at all. The much-vaunted costume designer (possibly the best costume designer this side of The Sims) has been improved, and there are new features, like building your Nemesis.

The Nemesis is a feature that was possibly one of the most requested in City Of Heroes, where you not only create your character, but also an evil Arch-villain that disrupts your hero’s progress in any way possible. The Moriarty to your Sherlock Holmes, the Magneto to your Xavier, the Leno to your Letterman.

While the game will be coming to the Xbox 360 and the PC, Atari did not mention whether the launch will be simultaneous.

For more info, hop over to the the Champions Website.

Source: Eurogamer (who also have some exclusive gameplay footage, and that’s not the Juggernaut, whatever people may say)

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