Aragami 2 is a third-person stealth action game from Lince Works where you take control of the titular Aragami warrior, a soulless ninja summoned from the shadows, to fulfill your master’s contract. As an Aragami who has recently and mysteriously been freed from their obligations, you’re found by a hidden community of other lost Aragami and quickly tasked with helping to discover your shared origins in the hopes of restoring your humanity.

The game borrows a lot of ideas from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Its stealth and combat pay direct homage. While it doesn’t execute on those things nearly as well, it remains a fun experience in its own right.

Aragami 2 is out today for $34.99 on Steam, $39.99 on PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox Series X | S, and free as part of Xbox Game Pass.

Watch our full Review in 3 Minutes for Aragami 2.

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