Arena Mode Added To Evolve In Latest Update


So much for foreplay.

A new gameplay mode has been added to Evolve, the online multiplayer shooter which pits four “Hunter” players against a lone, player-controlled monster. Made available with the latest patch to the game, “Arena Mode” launches players immediately into a battle to the death by trapping them in a confined space.

In the mode, players fight in one of five fixed locations on any of the game’s 14 maps, with survival as the only victory condition. The monster player starts at their second stage of evolution and can still evolve to the third stage by consuming wildlife, assuming they’re willing to risk being temporarily vulnerable with nowhere to hide. Matches in Arena Mode are best of three, and the completion of each round relocates the arena to one of the other locations on the map.

The new mode comes at no additional cost, and will be available once players have updated to the latest version of the game.

Developed by Turtle Rock Studios (creators of the similarly asynchronous multiplayer title, Left 4 Dead), Evolve released in February for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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