Arkham City Bringing 3D Graphics To Non-3D TVs


Even if you only own a regular HDTV, you can still see the Caped Crusader in all his stereoscopic glory.

Even though consumers don’t seem to be embracing 3D TVs quite as much as manufacturers would hope, there are plenty of titles being created with the option for 3D gameplay. Case in point: Batman: Arkham City will feature 3D support on all systems, and players will be able to enjoy the effect on non-3D television sets.

Arkham City‘s 360 and PS3 versions will be designed to work with stereoscopic 3D (or compatible) television sets. Additionally, though, “Fans with HDTVs can enjoy Batman: Arkham City in anaglyphic 3D with technology compatible with all high definition TV sets and visible to players wearing 3D glasses available for the video game.” Of course, players who want to experience normal graphics without using special glasses will still have that option, too.

The PC version of the game will reportedly include Nvidia 3D Vision tech to support 3D graphics, provided gamers have a display system that will support them. Batman: Arkham City is due out on October 18th, so I’m sure that 3D fans will be relieved to learn they don’t have to buy a brand new TV set in order to enjoy such graphics to the fullest. Spoiler alert: I’ll be enjoying the game in all it’s 2D glory.

Source: Joystiq

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