Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers Tank Ride for Charity


The winner of an online charity raffle will spend a day crushing things in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s M47 Patton tank.

There are moments where I’m fairly certain that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most entertaining human being on the face of the Earth. Pretty much as far as I can remember I’ve loved his movies and, even now, the guy has an unrivaled capacity to bring a grin to my face. For instance, take this recent video where he offers to let you ride in his tank. Seriously, go ahead and try not to smile while you watch it. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to let you ride in his tank.

There is a catch, of course. You’ll need to pay a fee and enter a contest being held for charity. The winner of said contest will be gifted with a flight for two to Los Angeles, a hotel room and a day with Mr. Schwarzenegger spent working out, smoking cigars and running things over with his personal M47 Patton tank.

Participants who enter at different tiers will also be able to snag themselves some nifty Arnold-centric goodies. Entering your name into the contest 100 times (at a discounted bulk rate), for instance, will earn you a personalized video of Arnold saying your favorite movie line. As cool as that is, it doesn’t even compare to the $20,000 (4,000 entries) tier. The lucky folks that can afford that will net themselves an autographed, limited edition Conan the Barbarian sword.

The contest is currently set to expire on Saturday, March 15th. Once it ends, all proceeds will be donated to After-School All-Stars, which was founded in 1992 and is committed to the providing kids with quality after school activities. In other words, it’s a cool contest that benefits a worthy cause. And it has a tank. Just in case you missed that part.

Source: Omaze

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