Artist Brings D&D Memories to Life With User-Driven Webcomics


Webcomic creator Andy Stuart has launched a new series dedicated to illustrating gamers’ most beloved memories from Dungeons & Dragons.

Anyone who’s played tabletop RPGs for any extended period of time most likely has an entire mental collection of favorite moments. Sometimes they’ll be big things like delivering the finishing blow that takes down a difficult boss monster. Other times they’ll be smaller; a spontaneous moment or against the odds occurrence that left you amazed or in stitches. Playing interesting characters and partaking in epic adventures might be the initial draw of games like Dungeons & Dragons, but it’s the little things like that often keep people coming back.

Recognizing that, cartoonist Andy Stuart recently launched a new project aimed at immortalizing players’ favorite moments from Dungeons & Dragons. Toward this end he launched a new Tumblr where he posts prompts to solicit stories and then uses his skills to turn them into short webcomics. The response, he told The Escapist, has been tremendous. “This project is very new,” he said. “I’ve done a little over ten of them so far, but my inbox currently has about 1,500 messages in it. The engagement with this idea is way beyond anything I’ve ever done in the past.” Not that he’s surprised about that. “D&D is a collaborative storytelling game, and no other genre of gaming creates the kind of unique, incredibly creative and hilarious stories that tabletop gaming does.”

Inspired by the response he’s received so far, Stuart hopes to expand on the project going forward. “Right now it’s supported by a half-baked Patreon that I haven’t actually used yet and I’m going to restructure, but I’d also in the future like to Kickstart collections of the best stories (as well as bonus ones and extra content).” Considering the response he’s received so far, we’re willing to bet there’d be an audience ready and willing to support that. To check out Stuart’s comics for yourself you can head over to the Your D&D Stories Tumblr. Stuart would also recommend role-playing fans check out his other webcomics Murder Brothers and Elf and Warrior.
Source: Your D&D Stories

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