Artist Creates Epic Mural for Epic Mickey


Disney Epic Mickey gets some stunning (and huge) fan art from a talented urban artist in downtown Los Angeles.

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Disney Epic Mickey, especially now that its release is a day away. As part of the last-minute marketing blitz for the game, artist David Garibaldi was apparently commissioned to create a huge mural in downtown Los Angeles.

As you can see from the video, the final product is certainly impressive, especially since it was created in only a few short hours. For Garibaldi, however, this kind of work isn’t really that far out of his normal painting environment.

Garibaldi is known for his urban paintings, many of which have been adapted into products like iPhone cases, a book, posters, and clothing. However, he gained a lot of his fame as an artist when he began doing what’s known as “performance painting” (creating portraits and the like while being inspired by the music surrounding him) at urban jazz clubs and concerts.

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