This videogame (et al) silhouette art is so amazing it ought to be in a museum.

Part of the mark of a visually well-designed character is a recognizable silhouette: If you took that character and looked at him or her from the side in a totally black-and-white environment, could you recognize who it was?

One artist decided to test the limits of that, and filled a gallery with literally dozens (if not more than a hundred) of silhouettes, almost all made from cutting white and black paper together. Other than a handful of exceptions, they’re all completely monochrome – and they’re incredible.

It’s a testament to both the skill of the artist as well as the original character designers that so many side-on silhouettes can be recognizable in only black and white. Perhaps it isn’t so surprising, though – the artist is Olly Moss, who has lots of experience with minimalist art and a good understanding of negative space.

We’ve only taken the videogame characters from the gallery because there are just so many from all walks of nerdy life. You have Buzz Lightyear, Conan the Barbarian, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop – it’s a really incredible gallery, and well worth a few moments of your time. Seriously, go check it out.


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