Artist Details Secret Thoughts of 16-Bit Mascots


While I normally despise fan art of videogame characters, there is something simultaneously endearing and hilarious about Tora Steve’s sketches of the secret thoughts of classic gaming mascots.

Ranging from Sonic’s “friend” Tails to that stupid chicken-dragon thing from Golden Axe to third party mascots like Earthworm Jim and Aero the Acrobat, the set covers the full range of the Genesis’ heroes.

Maybe it’s the vaguely grotesque art or the deadpan punchlines, but I can’t stop giggling at each of the pictures. Even the weakest of the series, the Bill Clinton/NBA Jam image, still has a certain subversive charm.

Obviously this isn’t crucial gaming news without which our journalistic integrity would burst into flames and crash into an island in the Pacific, but it does serve as a simple reminder of why we play games to begin with: For the chance to see forgotten soft drink mascots ape David Caruso.

(Via GameSetWatch)

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