Artist Gives Harry Potter Space-Opera Update


It’s Harry Potter Jim, but not as we know it.

There are two kinds of re-imagining: there’s the bad kind, when “re-imagining” is another word of “cash-in,” and then there’s the good kind that takes something and gives it a new and interesting spin. Artist Kathryn Hudson’s re-imaging of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter characters is firmly in the latter category, taking the wizards and witches of Hogwarts and turning them into bold space adventurers battling the Slytherin Alliance.

On her DeviantArt page, Hudson said that the idea to mix space-opera and wizardry came from “too much Star Trek and Tron exposure.” In Hudson’s new continuity, rather than being a student learning the ways of magic, Harold J Potter is the captain of the ISS Griffin and Ron and Hermione serve under him as first officer and communications officer respectively. Rounding out the crew are Ron’s sister Ginny, who is the ship’s navigator, and the blue-skinned alien Luna Lovegood, who fills the role of “offworld co-ordinator.” Opposing them is Overlord Voldemort, his viceroy Severus Snape – who may be a double agent – and Captain Draco Malfoy of the ISS Basilisk. Hudson hasn’t thrown out the magic though, as the characters are still armed with wands – just with Jetsons-style rings around them to make them look more futuristic.

What I like most about the images is how they suggest more stories than just what’s actually in the pictures themselves. It’s not hard to imagine Captain Potter, hotshot commander of the ISS Griffin and sole survivor of a raid on his homeworld by Overlord Voldemort’s battle fleet, fighting pitched battles against Captain Malfoy and the crew of the ISS Basilisk, or racing to the aid of Viceroy Snape when his cover is blown. Also – and I don’t think many will disagree with me – Zero-G Quidditch sounds like an awesome sport.

Source: via io9

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