Artist Recreates Disney, Marvel, and DC Characters in Stunning Watercolor


Sweet dreams are made of this.

Sometimes, you just need some color in your life. If you’re in desperate need of a kalediscope of color today, then look no further than DeviantArt’s rianbowart.
Artist Rian Gonzales has an incredible talent with watercolors and has chosen to recreate breathtaking versions of her characters from comics, anime, and movies alike, spanning series like X-Men, Batman,, and even Disney princesses.

Her Poison Ivy is perfectly enticing, Wonder Woman oozes respect, and her version of Mary Jane as the girl next door (with an enviable Spiderman plushie) is precious. She’s even got a Bastian/Transistor mashup that is just as awesome as both games. What’s really interesting, though, are the commissions she’s doing that involve working on blank Marvel variant covers. It seems as though her art style has a little nod to famous manga artist Rumiko Takahashi, which is never a bad thing in my book.

Check out some examples of her vibrant work below and head to her DeviantArt page for more eye-candy overload. All I can say is, gimme that Psylocke cover!

Source: rianbowart’s DeviantArt

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