Asherons Call: A Famous Face on Thistledown


Kind of an interesting tidbit for those who are Science Fiction fans. The science fiction author Jerry Pournelle, who in addition to his own body of work has worked in conjunction with other science fiction authors like Larry Niven, plays Asheron’s Call on the Thistledown server. He comments on the recent changes we had to the Passport service on his personal site. Scroll down a bit from that link and you’ll see his feelings, surprisingly he didn’t like the change. *cough* I wonder if I’ve ever ran into him on the server…that would be pretty cool if I did.

Oh and if you’ve not read “The Mote in God’s Eye,” do yourself a favor and pick it up. It is an excellent read, one of my personal favorites.

Thanks to Vertroxix for this little tidbit.

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