Asherons Call: AC Story wins Voting


Virtually Real by Coyote Toledo has won the Story of the Month voting. This humourous short story places Mosswarts on Earth and the reality between a role playing game and real life become mixed.

An Excerpt:

Terry played a lot of Asheron’s Call. He knew mosswarts when he saw them. He wasn’t at all prepared to see them in all their un-pixelated glory, standing in a parking lot in the middle of Miami, making what he assumed to be their normal, mosswarty interesting noises.

Moments later, Terry was making some interesting noises of his own as he sprinted down the hallway. “Jesugodbasshiwhatthefuckishappencaldownjeebus” kinds of noises.

He skidded to a stop in front of a co-worker’s office and ripped open the door. Hanging on the wall of the office was a particularly enormous claymore sword.

Why it was hanging prominantly on the wall in a professional office had raised more than one eyebrow in the past, but everyone eventually shrugged it off by assuming it was only some sort of veiled threat.

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