Asherons Call: Another Warning About Browser Security and Your Passport


We posted this item the other day, but yet another warning for you if you haven’t checked your browser’s security yet. A recent news story provides some more details about the issue and the steps Microsoft is taking to let everyone know about the problem.

The Redmond, Wash.-based company has sent millions of e-mail notifications in the past month to Passport users, urging them to visit a special Web page to determine whether Internet Explorer needs a security upgrade.

“The reason for the ‘canvassing’ approach is that we feel that we need to do everything to make users aware of fixes to browser issues that could affect their Passport experience,” said a Microsoft representative. “The fundamental architecture of IE and .Net Passport continues to be safe and secure for consumers.”

So if you haven’t done so yet, don’t be lazy! Go see how secure your browser is.

Thanks to Gehenna X of Thistledown for sending in this link.

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