Asherons Call: Assenti\’s Calling Updated


Hot on the heels of last week’s update, Asetti has posted another article. This time the subjects include Tusker Rampagers and Bludgeoning Vulnerabilty, Beauty and the Beast, fanmail and the patch…

“Man oh Man, do I hate being at work on patch day more than any other day. I sit and try and work, but nnooooooo, I keep drifting back to the different boards to read about all the cool stuff that people are finding out! Evisicators spew acid now was one of the biggest surprises to me. Glad I got Shannel her pincer Friday . Those are gonna be some tough hombres now. Sounds like the new Hollow quest is pretty cool and not too high level. Someone on Morningthaw is doing it right now and everyone seems to be reading the discovery thread with baited breath. As I write seems like someone has finished it and you get 2 SIKs and Elysa’s favor, which is a ring with Cast Life Giver (+15 health) and Minor strength. (+5 stackable strength). Sounds pretty involved. Looks like my spell stackable prediction came sort of true. Can’t cast them, but they are stackable. The whole orb with the portal essence in them makes me wonder about how portals spells are/will be affected.”

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