Asherons Call: Bandit Sight Advances


And here are the new features:

    [li]I have made some internal changes to the structure of the plugin and now most of the beta testers reported significant reduction in lag.
    [li]Bandit Sight/2 is now an advanced tool for people who are looking to configure their profiles with ALOT of control. Check out these screenshots, you will be amazed as to how much control does new BS/2 give you.
    [li]BS/2 is now rule based as you probably saw from screenshots. That means you create rules for all sorts of things you want to be found. BS/2 comes with a very comprehensive default configuration, but the whole point about is to configure your own.
    [li]BS/2 now has four configurable tabs, and one In Corpse tab for displaying items in corpses.
    [li]BS/2 now flags guildmates! w00t, this feature is neat-o!
    [li]BS/2 now comes with the coolest command: “/find “. This command allows you to find any object that matches your string with a /find command. Very handy for subway traders to find each other.
    [li]BS/2 now allows you the ability to find corpses of monsters that you kill. Awesome for busy dungeons where you want to make sure you can quickly target your kills and loot them before someone else will.
    [li]Alerts are now even more customizable and important. Some cute things include Silent flag on alerts to just add items to list w/o any spam. Perfect for those monsters that you find in loads in direlands/OP yet would want to target from the list.
    [li]BS/2 now can distinguish between things like Sturdy Iron Keys and a people who think they are so smart to named themselves that so that they would popup on your screen.
    [li]BS/2 now comes with a bunch of performance settings that will allow you to tweak some stuff to make your computer lag even less or find stuff quicker.
    [li]Take Note: Unfortunately your original Bandit Sight configurations aren”t compatible with this BS/2 release.
    [li]Reminder: Profile editor is located in your Start->Programs->Bandit Sight 2
    [li]Get Decal 2.4 for best results. Some of the older 2.3 decals will no longer work.


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