Asherons Call: Lifestone Information Refined (Update)


Over on the Hall of Lore, Stormwaltz let us know that he was providing a bit more information in the thread.

Troopers got a finger waved at him for posting misleading information. ^_^

[edit: note that’s an index finger, lest there be any confusion. ^_^;;]

The new answer on the Q&A board reads:

Backstory – Why did Thorsten Cragstone die?

Asked by Konnir on 12/21/2001

In the opening movie, we see Thorsten Cragstone get killed by the Olthoi Queen. Why did he not resurrect at a lifestone like other Isparians?

Answered by Ken Troop & Stormwaltz on 01/07/2002

Asheron had not yet created the lifestone system at this time.

With respect to the esteemed AC Live producer… ^_^

Asheron did NOT create the objects currently known as lifestones. They were actually created many centuries ago by the mages of the Seaborne Empire of Yalain. The stones originally served as a sort of portalspace “global positioning system” for navigating through portal magic – that’s why you can tie to their locations.

Although it wasn’t definitively answered previously (*cough*), Asheron modified these beacon stones once he knew other races were being brought the Dereth. It took him a while to get it right.

Pretty interesting answer there. So it looks like Asheron, through portal space magic, recreates a copy of us a few moments before our death. When he was still working the kinks out of the system, a reanimated corpse would appear at the Lifestone. Kind of distressing to all involved I’m sure.

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