Asherons Call: .NET Virus?


I think I need some clarification on this. Today we received two e-mails about a .NET virus which had a few players worried that their Asheron’s Call accounts could be vunerable to such a virus. However, I think this is just confusion over the term “.NET”. Microsoft is known for trying to package a whole bunch of new things under the same banner, which can lead to some confusion. I would greatly appreciate someone who is more tech saavy than me looking at this write up on Symantec’s site and let us know if this is something we should worry about. Right now I don’t think it is.

Update: After receiving a few e-mails it confirms what I thought. No we really don’t have to worry about this. .NET is just a term Microsoft is using repeatedly to package a new set of technologies and that proof-of-concept virus attacks a portion of that new technology.

In semi-related news, Mac, a contributor for (you know, Kwip’s site) sent in that he had some, um, thoughts regarding our switch to .NET and his continued inability to play AC since the switch. You can head over to and go to their forum to read his thoughts.

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