Asherons Call: New Asetti\’s Calling


Asetti’s posted a new edition of his Asetti’s Calling column. Topics this time around include unemployment, pneumonia and twins, as well as the more AC-related pincer fellowships, combat macros and the dreaded laaaaag.

“So I LS recall back to GW and as soon as I hit the Lifestone my link turns yellow, then red, then crash! AHHHHHHH!!! So I reset my connection and log back in. I refill my stuff and head back. Everyone is at the top trying to reset the fellowship. I figured everyone would be so irritated at me they wouldn’t let me back in. But, there seemed to be on hard feelings. Two other people try and start the fellow but one is too high and the other is too low. LOL! I am the only one who is the correct level (49) to let everyone in. So I recruit everyone and everybody scatters. I head down to the bottom where the Virindi and drudges are located. After about 5 minutes, I start green lagging. Uh, oh. I try and warn everyone I may drop again. The message finally gets sent and I get a reply, “/f Yea we kinda figured. You look mighty silly running against that wall.””

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