Asherons Call: New Poll

[p]Here are the results of our previous poll:
[font class=”SmallDate”]Poll

What is the biggest problem with getting a House right now?
There just aren’t enough Homes to go around image – 33.4% (999 votes)
Finding a house to buy image – 20.9% (625 votes)
Bots camping unopened housing image – 14.5% (435 votes)
Random times houses are put on the market image – 12.0% (358 votes)
I can’t select just one, there are too many image – 11.7% (349 votes)
I’ve not had any real problems with Housing image – 3.8% (115 votes)
Finding the rare trophy item required for purchase image – 2.8% (85 votes)
Writs are too easy to get image – 0.6% (19 votes)
Raising the money needed for the purchase image – 0.3% (8 votes)

Total Votes: 2993


[p]Fortunately, the biggest issue people seemed to have, the lack of houses, is being addressed in upcoming patches. We were told in a letter from this patch that we would see 500 additional homes in January and 500 additional homes in February, so hopefully that will aleviate most of the housing concerns. Thank you all for voting, I think this was probably our most successful poll yet. I think we have finally worked out all the kinks in the system.

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