Asherons Call: Part Two of Ken Troop\’s Article Up (Update)


The second part to Ken Troop’s article regarding the creation of the Singularity Weapons and his thinking behind it. You can head over to to take a look at it.

…and no I have never heard the word “ramsanga” before either. I r dumb. Well at least I’m not alone, it wasn’t on either!

…I looked a little bit more, I can’t seem to see this word exsiting at all. I think he made it up to make us all feel dumb!

Update: The astute Joe sent us word that “ramsanga” is an anagram of, well, “anagrams”. That Troop is a slippery one!

Keth Update: Oh thank you very much Mr. Troop for making me look like an idjit! Well I guess that really isn’t hard to do…

Also, did a bit of data mining over on the ACDM and found a new question answered by Sean Huxter. He answers a question regarding the possibility of additional spell bars for characters.

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