Asherons Call: State of the Code Updated


How can I complete the Elysa’s Favor quest?[/b]

There is currently a bug in the Elysa’s Favor quest where characters starting at Holtburg will not be able to complete the quest by following the instructions of the NPC. Starting the quest in Yaraq or Shoushi, and following it from there should allow one to finish the quest successfully. This should be fixed in the next update.

[b]My covenant crystal on my Mansion is not active. I cannot pay rent. Am I going to lose my Mansion?

We have discovered a bug where ten Mansions that were purchased in December (in each world), do not have active covenant crystals. We will have this fixed in February; in addition, we will be paying the rent for this month on those ten Mansions so you will not lose anything. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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