Asherons Call: Too Much of a Good Thing?


I am a long-time fan of the Crossroads of Dereth, but I am writing today to take exception with one thing in particular.

Many already know that the housing situation is very tense. Many people are camping housing sites, and sometimes, the competition can very stiff. Now, I know that on some servers, that may not be the case, but let me tell you, on Harvestgain, thats the story.

People are dragging shadow LT’s onto fellow campers to kill them, etc etc. Now, although I think that this is the fault of Turbine, to be quite honest, I also think that your posting of sites so early is helping to exacerbate this problem. Many who would otherwise NOT find certain settlements are most able to now.

I, like some of you, ran and FOUND several sites and I feel like that should not be made so easy for anybidy who just reads COD. I think it makes camping worse. Many who would not have been competing due to personal laziness, etc, will now compete for the coveted few houses.

I understand you at COD wish to disseminate information, but I think, in this special situation, this is not just “spoiler” information, it is actually hurting your fellow players. Many of the “grief” players read your site, as it is the most comprehensive for AC info.

I know how this letter sounds. But many of us have felt forced to “camp” houses in our desire to get them. By posting these locations so early, you spoil it for all of us, and make our attempts fruitless. We are not happy about camping remote, boring locales in Dereth, waiting for houses to open up for sale. But we are even less happy when we see a stream of d3wds come rolling in and lure monsters to kill us and take the houses.

Anyway, I know this is an odd situation in AC, and is somewhat unique, but just thought that you should know, many of your loyal COD fans are upset.

One, we are upset that the housing seems to have been so haphazard, and two, that beloved COD is actually harming many loyal fans.

Thank you for your time!

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