Asian Models Demonstrate Kinect Badly

Hot models demonstrating your new upcoming product is usually a good thing, unless that product is Microsoft’s Kinect.

Half-naked Asian models: What can’t they make look good? Kinect, apparently. At a Hong Kong animation festival this week, Hong Kong models Jessica.C and Chrissie Chau put on a demo of Microsoft’s upcoming motion camera sensor that didn’t go so well.

One of the games the pair tried was Rare’s Kinect Sports. As they took each other on in a hurdle race, much of their time was spent running in place while nothing happened with their avatars on the festival’s giant screen. Eventually they got it and at least one of them finished the race, but it still looked pretty ugly.

They also tried Harmonix’s Dance Central. This demo actually went okay, as the models only had to do a few steps back and forth on the screen as they accumulated points. Just when they hit their stride, someone must have hit pause or the game encountered an error, because it abruptly ended. This wasn’t the most impressive example of Kinect play either.

When you put hot models up on a stage, people are going to look. If you’re Microsoft, you might want to make sure that the product being demonstrated by said models would work properly. The demo might have taken place in conditions where Kinect’s camera wasn’t able to read the models’ movements properly. However, it makes me question exactly how touchy the device will be.

My living room is not quite like a massive convention, but these demos still point out a negative aspect of Kinect as the Wii’s controllers and PlayStation’s Move work just fine in such conditions. Well, usually they do. At the least, we know if you’re an Asian model that lives on a stage inside a crowded convention hall, you probably don’t want to buy Kinect.

Via: MSXBOX World via GamesRadar

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