Atlus Announces Free Steampunk MMOG


Atlus Online has announced that its debut MMOG will be a free-to-play steampunk game called Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent.

The game was originally developed by Korean studio JoyImpact and published in that country by HanbitSoft, which has previously been in the news for its part in the Hellgate shenanigans. Atlus Online is handling publishing duties in North America and “anywhere else in the world.” As is customary for free-to-play games, character customization will feature heavily and the game will also include pets and steam-based mounts.

Atlus USA has established a reputation for localizing and publishing Japanese games for the North American market and Atlus Online appears set to do the same thing for the online space. “What [Atlus Online is] looking to do is bring over games that would make sense to an Atlus fan,” Jamie Ortiz of Atlus Online recently told Edge. He said the company planned to employ a “hybrid subscription model that is supported by multiple payment options,” although the core game will be free.

Scheduled release dates for Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent in North America have not been released but the company is taking pre-beta registrations for early access to the game. To sign up and learn more, head to

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