Atlus’s official website came under attack yesterday, prompting concerns that visitors may have come into contact with malware.

Atlus, the company responsible for surgery simulator Trauma Center and the critically acclaimed Persona 4 have come under attack by hackers. According to Atlus, their official site was attacked by a ‘third-party entity’ and a trojan virus was embedded on the system.

The site is still down and Atlus are concerned that users might have come into contact with the virus if they visited the site between 9am to 2.30pm PST yesterday.

Atlus are imploring users to run malware removal software if they believe themselves to be affected by the virus, which sounds like good advice if you think you’ve been affected or not. Atlus apologized to fans, saying “the faith and trust of our fans is of the utmost importance to us, a responsibility we don’t take lightly.”

Source: Joystiq

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