Atlus: Merger Won’t Affect Anything


Atlus’ “dissolution” as a corporate entity is nothing to worry about, says staff.

Atlus has reassured worried fans that the recent corporate maneuvering by its parent company Index Holdings isn’t going to change the way it operates. It was reported earlier this week that Atlus had been merged with Index Holdings’ mobile games company, prompting fears that the developer/publisher would stop producing the quirky and unique games it is known for, and start making titles with wider commercial appeal.

But writing on the company’s forums, admin “Inzaghi” told concerned posters not to worry, as the changes were purely organizational in nature, and wouldn’t affect anything that Atlus did. Inzaghi added that the merger just meant that it was simpler for Index to make use of Atlus IPs for mobile games. These comments echo a message from Catherine director Katsura Hashino, who said that his team had been unaffected by the change.

The company line from both the Japanese and American branches of Atlus seems to be that it’s business as usual, and there’s not a lot to suggest otherwise. Obviously, things could change in the future, but that would have been just as true if the merger hadn’t taken place.

Source: MCV

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