Atlus Ultrasound Teaser Gives Way to Conception II Localization

The bizarre teaser site Atlus created a few days ago was for the North American localization of RPG Conception II.

Atlus first teased everyone with a strange ultrasound image of a fetus a few days ago. The site had a few hints of being related to RPG Conception II: hints at babies and the name of the web format file being “sc_c2.swf.” Atlus announced today, with the unveiling of an official English website for the game, that it will localize Conception II for the 3DS and Vita.

Conception II is the sequel to a Japan-only RPG on the PSP, but the second in the series is a standalone story. The player controls the main character, a disciple with powers from a Star God to fight monsters. To take on the immense amount of monsters, plus a disciple’s powers disappear at age 18, you have to “make” star children by giving presents to female characters to build your relationship. Despite the weird – and somewhat insulting – mechanic, the game is firmly an RPG and has a combat system with directional weak spots.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars launches in spring 2014 for the 3DS and Vita. There isn’t much information on the game’s official website right now, but Atlus released several colorful screenshots of the game to give everyone an idea of what it looks like. It sounds like a wacky enough game for Atlus to give it a shot outside of Japan.

Source: Conception II via Siliconera

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