The skinny on the new Atomic Robo RPG and Dresden Files RPG book delays, as well as information on the Designers & Dragons reprints.

Evil Hat Productions released their most recent State of the Hat for March 2014. The update – apparently scheduled for December 2013 but delayed because of, apparently Things! However, that won’t stop us from pulling out the most salient highlights for you:

  • The much delayed Atomic Robo RPG is coming to shelves in “another few months.” There are also “other Robo ideas in the works, but they’re all at an early stage.”
  • The next Dresden Files RPG supplement, Paranet Papers is apparently both “gigantic” and in layout right now for release this year. It’s apparently going to be a “late this year thing.”
  • The endpapers for the book got previewed – they’re right there in this post.
  • Dresden Files Accelerated, a rules-light version of the big Dresden Files game funded by the Fate Core Kickstarter, has started development. They say to estimate release in 2015.
  • Evil Hat teased more Dresden Files project. Given their apparently sunny relationship with author Jim Butcher nobody’s surprised.
  • The Spirit of the Century setting is getting lots of new material, including pulp-80s Shadow of the Century and young adult friendly Young Centurions settings.
  • Evil hat’s fiction line continues to expand to the tune of four more novels.
  • Co-Founders Fred Hicks and Rob Donoghue have pulled in a project manager, business development specialist, and marketer. Makes a lot of sense for a company that raised nearly half a million in Kickstarter money last year.
  • More details were released on projects like Bubblegumshoe, Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, the War of Ashes RPG, and new Don’t Rest Your Head books and board games(?!) were also teased.

You can get the in depth details at the Evil Hat Productions blog.

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