Attack on Titan‘s Live Action Trailer is People-Nomming Nightmare Fuel


As the movie opens in Japan, the latest trailer for Attack on Titan has surfaced, and it’s a gory piece of film – but maybe not what fans were hoping for.

Note: the trailer below is pretty visceral – “visceral” in the sense that you see a lot of viscera all over the place.

The hugely popular Attack on Titan has drawn a diverse array of fans since 2009. It began as a manga, to be followed by an anime series and video games, and its first live-action adaptation has just hit the silver screen in Japan.

A follow-up television series is already in the works.

AoT follows the the survival of humanity against monstrously tall, human-like “titans,” with a taste for people. The three main characters – Eren, Mikasa, and Armin – enlist in the military and learn to bring down the giants using swords and pneumatic-grappling-hook “Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear”.

Though it appears to capture the violence, this movie may not be what fans of the series were hoping for. For one, much of the action in the trailer seems to take place in darkness, whereas the anime, at least, took place mostly in daytime and was filled with color.

Another thing: Did I miss that bow and arrow the first time around? I don’t remember so many guns, either. Oh, and Levi – one of Attack on Titan‘s most popular characters – was ditched from the story entirely.

Attack on Titan is branching out in a variety of cross-overs, as well.

Has anyone here seen the film yet? It’s already opened in Japan, and made an appearance at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival. The second instalment opens later this year.

Source: Youtube

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