Auction For Hitman Tag Hit Hard By eBay


It’s happened to all of us: You go to register a username at a website or similar service, only to discover that the moniker you want is already taken. Well, some capitalizing soul realized that he could make some quick cash selling his ‘Hitman’ Gamertag for Xbox Live, only to have his auction closed by eBay.

Student and former Xbox Live Beta tester Chris Graziano decided to sell his Gamertag in the hopes of making a big score, and it looks like his hopes were quite justified as he watched the bids rise at high as $500. But the auction was closed down by eBay, who, according to Cnet, claimed that it was because they didn’t traffic in ‘virtual items’.

Undeterred, Graziano set up a new auction, this time selling a memory card will all the profile details on it, reasoning that eBay couldn’t object to a physical item being sold. Unfortunately for Graziano, there was another objection, this time from Microsoft, who claimed that transferring Xbox Live accounts violated their terms of service. Still captivated by the idea of hitting pay dirt, he turned to Craigslist, but that too was quickly shut down.

So it appears that Graziano is stuck with the Gamertag. Poor him, I guess.

Source: via Fidgit

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