Auran Games has announced the Fury Challenge tournament for its upcoming PvP MMOG Fury, with a prize pool in excess of $2 million.

The event will run during the open beta over four weekends from September 14 to October 7. The first two weekends will be practice sessions, while the final two will feature the actual tournament. The competition will take place over seven ladders: Individual ladders for the Vortex, Elimination and Bloodbath battles, clan ladders for Vortex and Elimination team-based combat, and individual and clan “All Battle Types” ladders. Players may compete as often as they like in any ladder, with their best ten performances in each ladder used to determine standings.

Levels will be capped during the events to ensure fair competition. Adam Carpenter, Fury’s Creative Director, said, “During Fury Challenge we’re capping player ranks at an easily obtainable level. Since this is an open beta event, it is critical that new players become competitive quickly while avoiding the complexities that a max level, fully unlocked character would bring. This ensures the Challenge is all about player skill and teamwork, not time played, and this is what Fury’s gameplay and design is all about.”

Prize sponsors include Dell, Nvidia, Logitech, IGN/Fileplanet, GameStop and FHM, with prizes such as PCs, graphics cards, keyboards, vouchers and Fury game cards. “In a market where the big names and big publishers get most of the attention, we figured we had to do something a bit different to be noticed,” said Auran Director of Marketing Brian Cooke, explaining the hefty Fury Challenge prize pool. He said the tournament should attract the attention of PvP gamers, adding, “From there, we’re confident our game will keep them excited.”

More information, including rules and download links, are available at the Fury Challenge website.

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