Fury developer Auran is rumored to be facing financial trouble and has told its employees to seek work elsewhere.

Angry Gamer is reporting that the company’s woes stem largely from its recently released MMOG Fury, which focused exclusively on fast-paced PVP combat rather than lengthy character grinding. Despite its novel approach to the genre, the game has not done well since its October 16, with one anonymous source saying, “Fury was a financial disaster, it lost Auran a lot of money.”

Company management has told employees that it cannot guarantee their jobs past the end of this week, and has suggested they look for opportunities with other companies. The quality assurance department is expected to take the brunt of the layoffs, while marketing and key management positions will remain safe for now. Melbourne-based developer Tantalus Interactive is reported to be taking on up to 20 Auran staffers, while the Fury project itself may be outsourced to China, where it can be maintained more cheaply.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Auran was founded in 1995 and experienced success with its first release, Dark Reign: The Future of War, in 1997. The company is also known for its Trainz series of railroad simulators.

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