You’ll now be able to use all of your electronic devices from gate-to-gate on Qantas and Virgin Australia flights.

More and more airlines are abandoning the outdated practice of forcing passengers to turn off all electronic devices during take-off and landing, and now, Australia’s two most prominent airlines have joined that list. The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority has finally approved a request from Qantas and Virgin Australia to allow passengers unhindered use of their gadgets during flights.

Passengers travelling on these airlines will be able to leave their devices on from liftoff to touchdown – so long as any transmitting devices such as cell phones are kept in flight mode. Australians will no longer have to spend that awkward 30 minutes at the beginning and end of their flights staring at the back of their seat, or thumbing through the terrible in-flight magazine.

Any device that weighs more than 1kg (2.2 lbs), such as laptops, will still need to remain stowed during takeoff and landing, and the new rules are effective as of tomorrow.

Virgin and Qantas join the vast majority of American airlines who have adopted the new FAA policy on electronics use during flights.

Source: Engadget

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