Avatar announces “Lady Death: Dead Rising” Debut



Avatar Press has announced that its first Lady Death release, Brian Pulido’s “Lady Death: Dead Rising”, will debut at Wizardworld Chicago, August 13-15. A number of Avatar Press creators will also be on hand at the Avatar booth at the show, including Brian Pulido, Jacen Burrows, Clint Hilinski, Greg Waller, Matt Martin, and Sean Shaw.

“Lady Death: Dead Rising” is a preview of the sinister plans Pulido and Avatar have coming up for the character. “We will launch our new monthly Medieval Lady Death picking up after Lady Death: A Medieval Tale #12,” Lady Death creator Brian Pulido says. “While we will begin with a new series, Medieval Lady Death #1, I will be careful to make this a good jumping on point for new readers. Our second Lady Death series will be the “classic” Heaven & Hell/Bitch Goddess Lady Death. We had to bring her back because fans demanded her back. True to the Chaos! style I established, her adventures will be in a series of limited series.”

“Lady Death: Dead Rising” will take a look at both titles with art from Romano Molenaar, Di Amorim, Matt Martin, Clint Hilinski, and Juan Jose Ryp, and covers by Ryp, Martin, and Sean Shaw.

The following Avatar Press creators will be at the Avatar Press booth at the show:

Signing at the booth:

    [li]Brian Pulido – creator of Lady Death, Belladonna, and more
    [li]Clint Hilinski – Brian Pulido’s Belladonna artist
    [li]Jacen Burrows – artist of Garth Ennis’ 303, Alan Moore’s The Courtyard, Warren Ellis’ Scars
    [li]Sean Shaw – Avatar cover artist
    [li]Matt Martin – Yuggoth Creatures, Brian Pulido’s Lady Death: Dead RisingGreg Waller – colorist of Garth Ennis’ 303, Brian Pulido’s Belladonna, Stargate SG-1, and much more

Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen will also be on hand to talk about current and upcoming Avatar projects.

The following giveaways will be available free at the Avatar Press booth while quantities last: Garth Ennis’ 303 posters, Brian Pulido’s Back In Black Free Comic Book Day issue.

Avatar’s first Lady Death release, “Lady Death: Dead Rising”, will debut and be available to purchase at the show.

For more information, contact Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen at [email protected].

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