As the generations that grew up on Pac-Man and Duck Hunt start families and move into homes of their own, so must there be gaming-themed (and/or gaming-enhanced) furniture – and these are 19 of the niftiest, geekiest pieces of furniture out there.

Now, one can’t help but wonder where exactly these people are drawing the line between “gaming-inspired” and “for gamers.” Because as cool as the PlayPod is (literally, it has an internal cooling system that will keep you from overheating once the door is closed) I have a hunch that the $100,000 price tag might be a bit too steep for most people.

Some of these things look like sculptures you’re likely to find in a modern art museum (the Wave Chaise), some of these things look like fiendish torture devices (the Gravitonus Ergonomic Workstation) or the setup that the one dude had in The Matrix (the Digital Edge MSY Gaming Table), and some of them look like… well, they look like Pac-Man.

Sure, most of these might be a little bit out of our budget, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t completely awesome. Who knew that vertical, wall-mounted chess could work so well?

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